Our vision…

“When the weather turns dark, not all those who wander are lost. Some simply understood before others that a new way must be sought. The deep roots are not reached by the frost, but it is in letting them sprout in wintertime that true courage is seen”

…and strategy

We want to create sustainable and responsible corporate value through innovation in services, technologies and management.

Aragorn Value Leadership has been established in 2009, from the combination of technical and managerial experiences. Over the years has consolidated a network of technological, industrial and commercial partnerships in order to operate with a “full fledge” approach in the sectors of interest.

Aragorn is mainly engaged in two macro-areas:

Venture Capital (AI, Internet, Fintech, Big Data, Energy, FMCG):

  • Scouting and evaluation
  • Flanking and education, corporate strategy support
  • M&A

Energy and Sustainability

  • Engineering and O&M
  • Bio-methane production
  • Photovoltaic and agrivoltaic plants
  • Solar-home systems and mini-grid for rural electrification

Aragorn has built a network of companies, affiliates and partners to scout opportunities in the different sectors of interest with offices in South America (Peru), West Africa (Benin), UK (London) and UAE (Dubai).

Our mission for a sustainable future

Aragorn wants to contribute in shaping a sustainable and responsible business environment.

As members of the business community, we are aware of our part of responsibility that goes with our role. We exercise that responsibility every day by applying clear principles to our corporate actions.
In implementing our projects, we always consider the consequences beyond our own area of responsibility, taking into account the social and ethical repercussions of our corporate activities and business perspective.

We promote this approach because we believe in the necessity of a sustainable development and responsible business management with the objective to consolidate positive relation with local communities and contribute to their social development.

The commitment to corporate social responsibility is delivered through a programmer directly supported by Aragorn and its affiliates and business partners. Aragorn actively encourages its partners to engage with the local communities in which the projects are located. It is the engagement of these teams that locally operate our assets daily and support the communities that makes the greatest difference.