Energy and Sustainability

Circular Economy – Advanced Biomethane Platform

Aragorn is developing in Italy several projects related to Waste-to-Energy Plants to produce Advance Bio-methane from agricultural and municipal residues and waste, after successfully concluding various experience of development and engineering of biogas plants. 

These plants will be the fulcrum of the investment strategy that envisages the development of a portfolio of plants for production of advanced biomethane, a fundamental element for a sustainable and balanced transition of the transport sector and the most energy-intensive industrial activities. 

The plants will be equipped with a composting plant for the production of high-quality organic fertilizer or total CO2 recovery system. 

Photovoltaic and Agri-voltaic Plants

Aragorn is currently developing a pipeline of 300+ MW of photovoltaic plants in Italy, with the aim of expanding to 750 MW by 2027.

Most of the projects are agri-voltaic and advanced agri-voltaic, able to integrate the production of renewable energy with agricultural activity, while mitigating the soil consumption phenomena.

A significant share of the plants is also equipeed with storage systems that favour a more efficient management of the grid. 

Solar-Home Systems and Off-grid Solutions for Rural Areas

200.000+ Solar-home-systems installed within the program of rural electrification in Peru have significantly contributed to the social an economical development of the local population